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“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.”

-Jim Rohn

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Brand – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.12.

Today we're looking at 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Brand. Missed an episode? 00:30 - Intro 01:05 - Simon used to work on nation video games magazines 01:45 - How should brands look? 02:20 - First impressions matter. That's why brand is important. 03:30 - Photography 04:00 - What's the quality like? Did[…]


Personal Trainer Sales Mistakes To Avoid – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.11.

In today's Fitpreneurs show episode we're talking about sales and how to go into sales mastery! Have a sales question? Click here: 00:30 - Intro 01:00 - It's not about you it's about the person you're speaking to 01:40 - If someone doesn't feel trust, they're not going to invest in you 02:20 -[…]


Remove Toxicity From Your Fitness Business NOW – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.07.

Are you ready to start removing toxic people from your business and life to turn it around? It makes a huge difference. Apply for your breakthrough, Click here: 00:30 - Intro 01:00 - Do you have people in your life that are draining energy from you? 02:05 - Why is this important 02:10 -[…]


Asking For The Sale – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.06.

Do you want to close more personal training clients? In this episode I want to share with you the blocks that hold most personal trainers back from closing personal training. Episode 6 00:30 - Intro 00:45 - One common theme that comes up a lot - it's sales. 01:30 - Transitioning into the sale 02:10[…]


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USA: 619 314 0814 UK: 020 3287 5145 SKYPE: fitpreneurs