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About Us

We Launch Your Fitness Business To A Crazy Level By Creating Remarkable Personal Shifts Within You So You Own A Business That Blows Your Clients Away…

Ready for a truth bomb out of the starting block?

The ultimate success of your fitness business, whether it’s you helping more people, boosting your income so you can create more freedom or take your brand to the next level… starts with you!

As the leader (yes you’re a leader), it’s up to you to ensure you are operating at the highest level (emotionally, physically, mentally).

People are paying you money… and they’re looking for something, but what if you delivered something that completely blew their mind…

Sadly you can’t do that unless YOU are blowing your own mind in your own personal transformation.

The impact of this is that you’re always growing, emotionally, spiritually, financially and you’re creating the same transformation with your clients.

People follow and hire those who are GROWING themselves. That’s LEADERSHIP!

Some find this difficult because it forces you to overcome fears, be raw and honest and just like you ask your clients to get outside of their comfort zone, we do that with our clients. A LOT!

Do you want average results or do you want to enter the 1% in a whole new category in the industry (we created it), not just financially but also in lasting change that you create for yourself and your clients.

The truth is true transformation goes WAY beyond lifting weights and nutrition plans. There’s a whole new level of the industry that is open, if you want to step in. The rewards both personally and professionally are remarkable.

Whether you’re a new personal trainer, nutrition expert or health coach, Fitpreneurs is dedicated  to help you create the biggest impact you can on the world.

Don’t confuse Fitpreneurs with simply ‘business coaching’. There’s plenty of mentors around offering facebook ads and email marketing. While we teach all that, it’s not our focus. Because that’s not what you need to get the edge in the industry…

In fact.. we have created the best sales, marketing and business systems in the world, the truth is, we have a very different secret framework behind closed doors that will create some serious shifts with your beliefs, your identity and how you show up with your clients. This an THE ELITE club and we are dedicated to growing a whole new category in the fitness industry.

Does this sound like you?

  • Do you want to take your fitness business to a whole new level?
  • Do you want to climb the ladder quicker and work with the best?
  • Are you committed to growing yourself and your business together?
  • Are you an achiever, someone who is committed to creating a big impact?
  • Do you have the ‘elite’ mentality?
  • Have you got comfortable and need a shift?
  • Have you always wanted to be ‘the best?’
  • Are you in a constant search of ‘the next version of you?’
  • You often seek the ‘fast track’ and are willing to invest time, effort and energy in getting there?
  • Do you have a lot of knowledge but now want to maximize it?
  • Do you have a ‘calling’ to step up and serve your community?
  • You want to have a positive impact on the world?
  • You want to make the most of your mission to support your family and be a secure Do provider?
  • Do you find fulfillment in helping others?
  • Do you seek a connection with like minded people and often feel like others ‘aren’t on your wavelength?’
  • Do you like to support others in the same industry?

If you have said yes to most of these, then chances are The Fitpreneurs is the community for you and we’ll help to shift you to a whole new level of awesome. Check out some of these amazing success stories.

The Fitpreneurs is the brainchild of Simon Lovell, a former personal trainer, amazon best selling author (The Lunch Box Diet, Harper Collins) and expert to the national media including Men’s Fitness, BBC, Sport and other national publications.

Simon went through his own massive journey of struggle, from $50k of debt, addictions and pain to changing is life around and leading thousands of personal trainers and health professionals to amazing success not just in their business but in their personal lives.

Expert Trusted By Forbes, Men’s Health, Huffington….

Simon is also a contributor for Forbes, has been featured on Huffington Post, Inc and many other leading publications and shows including the famous Entrepreneur on Fire. He is also on the Fitness Council for Men’s Health magazine.

Simon is also host of The Fitpreneurs podcast on itunes.

He is now the founder of Fitpreneurs and has mentored with the likes of Tony Robbins, one of the world’s leading motivation experts. Simon has also rubbed shoulders with the likes of Sir Richard Branson on his own private Island (Necker) and has a strong passion for helping fitness professionals grow to their true potential.


Our Mission…

It’s the mission of Fitprenuers to really shift the way you think about the industry, remove your limiting beliefs, call you out on your BS excuses and break you through to a new level so that you…

  • Love your business
  • You find growing your business fun
  • You reach six figures quicker than you could ever imagine
  • You help change more lives
  • You increase the level of results with clients
  • You overcome your fears
  • You become happier in the process.

Through our network of free content and coaching programs, we serve the following types of fitness professionals.

  • Newly qualified trainers
  • Trainers looking to grow in a gym or mobile
  • Trainers looking to open their own gym
  • Trainers / nutrition experts looking to work online and grow a second stream of income

How We Get Results So Quickly

We get asked often…. how do you manage to grow fitness companies so quickly? In addition to our selection process, we have a ‘secret formula’ that we teach and it’s proven to work time and time again.


Some of the best shifts we get are from how we get you out of your comfort-zone from day one! Just like you do for your clients, we make sure you’re always pushing to the edge. We’ve learned from the best in the world and developed our own techniques that will not just change your business but also change your life and that of your clients.


Whether it’s a sales system, a lead generation system or system for following up with clients, once you start to ‘get systems’, then everything changes. You must first learn the system, implement the system, and then optimize the system.

One of the most important elements is TAKING MASSIVE ACTION.

We ensure that you get down to work and GET IT DONE. This is so important because so many trainers suffer from ‘information overload’. When you have too much information, you can start to drown without making any money. We’ve been there and done that.

So first we tackle mindset, then we teach you new systems and then you implement those systems to get results.

It’s really up to you how much money you make, it just depends how much energy you want to put into growing your business into six figures.

The 10 Commandments Of A Fitpreneur

Before deciding whether to fully immerse yourself into the amazing Fitpreneur community, decide whether you can follow our 10 Commandments. They are essential to whether you would be a good fit for the community, coaching / mentorship.

  1. I will focus on results and changing as many lives as possible
  2. I will support my follow Fitpreneurs
  3. I will raise standards in all areas of my life
  4. I will stay focused on my mission
  5. I will stay in shape and be a good example to my clients
  6. I will take responsibility for my actions and drop my excuses
  7. I will give back to the community and be positive
  8. I will play full out, hustle and never give up
  9. I will seek stepping out of my comfort zone and overcome resistance
  10. I will be authentic, be honest and share my stories to inspire others

Secrets Of Next Level Personal Trainers…

We help shift and push you as a business owner so you can be the best possible leader for your clients. Download the ultimate guide.

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