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10 Must-Know Fundamentals For Every Trainer To Have An Amazing Start

Are you a brand-new trainer? If you just got into the fitness industry, then it should be good for you to be listening to the  podcast episodes here! Particularly in this week’s episode, you will learn how to have an amazing start as a trainer, whether as a personal or business trainer, and then how to sustain that for your growth.


Listen on to know more:

02:34 – Relight that fire
03:26 – How Simon’s personal training career started
05:16 – AJ’s obsession with lifting and training
09:34 – The power is in marketing
13:16 – Just because you’re new, you can’t be making money
15:45 – Why beginners lack the confidence
20:10 – The biggest thing that makes you successful
21:06 – Matching your level of education and income
23:49 – Stay results-focused
26:50 – Mastering sales skills before the lead generation
29:00 – What’s funny about how people think of sales
32:48 – If you enjoy listening to the podcast
33:28 – Decide on your niche
35:37 – Don’t worry about your website
40:19 – Don’t sit around with trainers who are doing nothing
42:12 – Get your systems in place
46:00 – Hire a business coach
56:22 – The challenge
58:41 – Questions of the week
01:02:48 – This week’s quote


Make sure you got the confidence and mindset in place. [Click To Tweet].
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It’s so important that you don’t go at it alone. Get a business coach. [Click To Tweet].




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2 Responses

  1. […] story from my ‘baby stage’ of business that you may have heard me talk about on ‘The Fitpreneurs‘ was when I was showing a client how to ‘properly’ use the rower, however I […]

  2.' Steph says:

    Really helpful guys, touched on some relevant points for me right now. Been in and out of the industry for the past 12 years and am back to working for a well known chain of gyms here in the UK. Definitely NOT an ideal situation but just a means to an end on several levels. Will be looking to invest in a mentor for sure. Simon I’ll be looking more in depth at any mentoring programs you may run. Thanks guys!!

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