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18 Laws Of Being A Successful Fitness Entrepreneur – Part 2

AJ and Simon share 8 more laws that every fitness professional should know about. On this 3rd Fitpreneurs podcast episode, learn more about the value of sacrificing, investing, failing, zigzagging and more – straight from those who are already there at the top.

In this episode:

01:06 – Some French lessons
02:47 – Getting ready for the Underground Online Seminar
05:00 – Oh that was embarrassing
09:10 – Got a funny story to share?
11:07 – Sacrifice NOW
14:27 – Zig when they zag
16:53 – The 80/20 rule
18:53 – Success is not a linear path
23:50 – Keep your ego in check
25:57 – It’s OK to fail
30:01 – Leverage trends
39:10 – Invest in yourself
43:57 – The real reason why people hire trainers
46:48 – Are you getting paid more?
48:22 – How far up are you on your 2 ladders?
49:52 – Shout out to the Fitpreneur T-shirt winner!
50:57 – Make your reader beg to give you money
53:00 – The weekly challenge!
55:03 – Quote of the week


Invest now, prosper in the future. [Click To Tweet].
You’re only worth the value you can bring. [Click To Tweet].
Are you going to make excuses? [Click To Tweet].
Success is a rollercoaster ride. [Click To Tweet].
Failure equals data. [Click To Tweet].
Invest in yourself. [Click To Tweet].





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