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6 Ways To Make Your Studio Strong & Profitable – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.24.

Are you currently running a fitness studio or are looking to open one in the near future?

In this episode, I want to share with you some important distinctions to help your studio become the best it can be. Would you like to get more clients, but also help those clients get amazing results? What about culture, and being able step away to avoid burnout.

I’ll cover it in this episode.

If you would like to open a powerful discussion about your studio business, head to where you can apply for your free call to chat about specifically the challenges and breakthrough opportunities with your location.

00:30 – Intro
01:30 – Today’s episode will give you a head start in growing your studio.
02:15 – Have you checked out Simon’s new book yet?
03:10 – How do you show up and lead in your studio?
04:20 – All of the things in business that we think we can’t handle all comes down to our life challenges and showing up in the right headspace.
05:50 – Being the best you can be.
06:10 – The importance of systemisation and having effective systems in place.
07:10 – The more you can improve on your systems the more smoothly things will run and the more free time you will have.
08:10 – Sometimes we don’t think about the culture of our business, or not reassessing the culture within your business.
09:30 – Video is very important. Using social media to get people to understand your passion, excitement and drive.
11:30 – If you feel like you need help with your business head to
12:20 – Take good examples from businesses outside of your industry and apply them to your own, too.
14:30 – It’s not just about one section of business. It’s about your legacy.
15:05 – Building your team involves growing a team, being a leader and delegation.
16:35 – Missed the interview with Keith? Check it out here.
17:30 – It’s not easy, but it is fulfilling.
18:20 – You need develop and grow yourself, not just your business.
19:10 – You need to reward yourself with time away from your business. Stepping away allows you to know what needs to happen for you to get more freedom.
20:40 – Recap of today’s key points.
21:40 – Have a enlightening conversation with us if you want help
22:50 – outro

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