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Change A Life By Calling BS – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.20.

On Today’s Kick Ass Daily Live Show I’m talking about the importance of calling BS in your sales conversations. Want to Master Sales?

00:30 – Intro
01:15 – Today we’re talking Sales and the importance of calling BS
01:40 – Simon’s biggest growth’s came from his mentors that weren’t scared to tell the truth
02:10 – Don’t surround yourself with ‘yes’ men.
02:40 – It can be difficult to hear a perspective that you don’t like.
03:30 – The biggest thing is that you need to verbalise what you know.
04:00 – Don’t let the thought or fear of loosing the sale stop you saying what you believe.
04:30 – People appreciate honesty.
05:30 – The honesty helps you help your clients more.
06:00 – living in fear and low confidence is a barrier to telling the truth.
07:45 – Ask yourself “Did some of your growth come from friends who had an honest conversation with you?”
08:30 – Tomorrow Simon is starting his sales mastery 6 week course. Check it out here:
09:00 – Its not just about the lead. You need to make sure your sales process is working.
10:00 – Use the offer code Use the code: ‘CLOSE CLIENTS’ for 50% off The Sales Mastery course.
11:15 – In sales you need the multiple elements to get your quality clients and make sure you’re paid what you’re worth.
12:45 – It’s pointless having 100’s of leads coming in if your driving them to a sales process that doesn’t work.
15:00 – Use the code: ‘CLOSE CLIENTS’ for 50% off at
16:45 – Mastering Sales will help you help change more people’s lives.
18:20 – What hold’s most people back is confidence and getting out of the sales slump. Week 1 of Simon’s new sales course will tackle that.
20:45 – Do not be afraid to speak the truth to help a person.
21:10 – Outro

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