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How To Achieve Growth Thru Numbers

Get the guesswork out of your business building. If you really want to know the real state of your business and you want to determine the best way to grow, then it’s time to get to know your numbers.

The moment you run your business based on hard facts, that’s when you can start to see results. Be a better fitness trainer and a smarter business owner. Check out another episode with Simon and AJ and learn how to work out the numbers to your advantage.

How To Achieve Growth Thru Numbers

In this podcast:

01:07 – What’s your favorite number?
05:20 – How to reset and rejuvenate after a busy phrase
06:39 – How important is daily effort in your business
07:19 – Start looking at the numbers
09:07 – It’s a numbers game
10:08 – The important thing for hacking your growth
11:59 – Data provides you answers
13:26 – The number 1 number that you need to know
14:05 – A formula to calculate your target yearly income
15:00 – Figuring out how much you need to make a day
15:51 – Here’s the average yearly income of a trainer
17:40 – What to gain from breaking down your daily numbers
20:31 – How are you packaging what you’re selling?
23:20 – The truth about having monthly contracts
24:59 – Don’t just react; be proactive
26:41 – Track where your leads are coming from
30:40 – Want to be the trainer with the most “likes?” It’s ego!
32:04 – Study your business data
33:53 – What to do if you’re not getting leads
36:27 – Lead generation on Facebook
38:22 – Was it all just a waste of time?
41:36 – How numbers help you get more results for clients
43:08 – Reach out to us
44:08 – Quote of the week


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  1.' Ranbir says:

    Such a great episode. thanks for the info, i’ve gone through this 4 times already tryin to squeeze every last bit out of it!

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