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How To Generate Leads With Powerful Facebook Advertising

Want to know how you can generate a huge number of leads to turn into customers? Get online and go to Facebook. The power of Facebook advertising has become really tremendous you don’t want to miss it. AJ and Simon will tell you more about it in this episode.



This podcast’s pointers:

02:00 – Oh Simon, don’t replace your girl with a dog
06:29 – Biggest mistakes people make with FB ads
09:22 – Traffic is not the problem – Conversion is
12:48 – Obeying the terms of service
16:49 – The different options for running your ads
19:21 – Advertising to those who already know you
20:34 – Newsfeed ads VS Sidebar ads
24:24 – The basics in ads conversion points
26:26 – Question of the week
27:19 – The beautiful thing called Graph Search
29:41 – On segmenting your prospects
32:17 – Connecting ads with your landing pages
34:40 – Kinds of images you can use
39:22 – How to get cheaper click costs
41:39 – Spend your marketing budget wisely
44:34 – Tracking ads with Conversion Pixel
46:09 – How to do Facebook Retargeting
52:05 – More 5 star reviews, please?
52:57 – Quote of the week
54:56 – Be My Guest by Disney
55:37 – Challenge of the week


How to run your Facebook ads? [Click To Tweet].
How to do Facebook Retargeting? [Click To Tweet].
The biggest mistakes people make with FB ads. [Click To Tweet].




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