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How To Have A Kickass Week – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.23.

Today I’m going to give you 5 simple things you can do this week to ensure that you have a productive, actionable week in your business.

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00:30 – Intro
01:00 – It’s the start of the week and Simon is sharing how to have a productive week.
01:15 – Simon’s moved to the True Transformation Ranch.
02:20 – Facebook have moved stories over to the main app of the phone instead of messenger.
03:00 – Facebook is always updating and moving things around to increase engagement…
03:30 – What can you do in your business to change things and be better?
04:15 – Look out for your friends this week, and how amazing they are.
05:00 – It’s all about the community you’re around…
05:50 – Take a look at your daily ritual. Simon makes micro changes to how he starts his day.
06:50 – Set a clear intention. What you do want to happen this week?
07:30 – Have weekly meetings with you team. On Monday’s Simon has a meeting with his team to connect. Bring your team together.
08:45 – Know your own strength’s and delegate things.
09:40 – Missed an episode of the Kickass Daily show? catch up here:
10:30 – business is all about growth
10:45 – Make sure you implement self care.
11:40 – Outro.

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