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The Secret CODE To Get More Personal Training Clients – The Kickass Live Show, Ep.26.

In today’s episode let’s talk about marketing, code, and formula that you can use to help you attract more people to your fitness business.

00:30 – Intro
01:00 – Today we’re talking about marketing and a secret code that you can implement into your business.
01:20 – If you want to get to the next level in your business you need to be more proactive.
02:40 – AIDA – There are many ways to use this.
02:45 – Attention
03:20 – Get your audiences attention.
03:50 – Interest
04:00 – Get your audience thinking “oh my god, that’s me. I need that!”
05:20 – Desire
05:30 – You need them to believe that they can do it with testimonials.
06:55 – Action
07:00 – Getting the audience to take the next step and take specific action. Calls to action are important.
07:55 – It’s not one of these parts that work, but all of them together.
08:30 – Take a look Simon’s new video on the philosophy of the True Transformation
10:15 – Outro

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