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The Real Importance Of Having Systems

Systemizing your business is crucial for every entrepreneur, particularly for FitPreneurs who want to enjoy not only a successful business but also a smooth-sailing one. However, having systems in place is something most of you overlook for several and often, lousy reasons. Now, it’s time for you to stop flying by the seat of your pants and listen to another kickass episode that’s all about the real importance of having systems. The Real Importance Of Having Systems Check these out: 02:38 – Business Mastery with Tony Robbins 04:35 – Barbell Shrugged Mastermind 07:55 – The CrossFit games 12:15 – Microsystems happening within systems 14:18 – On systemizing your fitness business 16:25 – The gyms that survive 19:42 – Having lead systems in place 22:20 – Don’t be a slave to your job 25:47 – The Sales system 28:03 – When people say “No” 31:37 – Client Satisfaction system – serving the extra level 35:34 – The lifeline of a company 39:26 – The ‘one word’ game changer 44:05 – Pulling the trigger to invest 45:48 – Why don’t you take action? 55:12 – “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter 55:25 – Quote of the week 56:16 – Jillian Michaels is a hustler! Tweetables: Why you need systems in your business? [Click To Tweet]. What systems do you need for your company? [Click To Tweet]. How to systemize your business operations? [Click To Tweet].


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  • Angelene Verano

    I am running a fitness club and I believe I need this! Thanks for your idea that as fitpreneurs, you should have a system that will administer the entire process of the business. Now I can see the importance of having a system and checklist to track down vital parts in running the business. Upon reading this article it made me realize the importance having a systematic and collaborative process checklist. So don’t let your business manipulate you but create something that will make the process runs soundly.

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