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Fitpreneur Screams After Uncovering A Secret Folder Of 50 Hidden Leads Inside Facebook Chat

I was naked, just about to step into the shower, and then I heard a scream from the bedroom…

“OMG, are you kidding me?”

“What’s wrong baby?” I said…

I am talking about the moment that girlfriend Mina uncovered a ‘filtered requests’ folder on Facebook Instant Messenger on her iphone. She was in a facetime with one of my clients and friends Sarah Crosby (watch her success story here).

Mina has been working hard to grow her new brand and attract new business, putting a lot of video content out and using strategies I’ve taught her from my Fitpro Mastery coaching.

She’s been generating business, but she’s been telling me for a while she doesn’t think everybody has been seeing her messages.

She was right and now she knows why!

On a plus side, she now has a bunch of leads to follow up with and start the transformation process with.

Mina had changed her privacy settings on who could contact her and as a result, facebook started dropping messages into a folder that Mina didn’t know was growing with people reacting to her videos / blogs and other posts inviting them to work with her.

How To See The Messages

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Instant Messenger App, Go To Settings Bottom Right

Step 2: Click on Filtered Requests if you have it

My advice if this has happened to you is to still contact any old leads that you see, be very honest about what has happened and then start a discussion into discovering how you can help them.

Hope that helps!

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