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How Far Can You Push Coaching & Accountability?

Since Fitpreneurs was launched, initially as the itunes podcast, the company has grown to become a global provider of coaching and mentorship for personal trainers.

Many of you will know that this started for me in the UK in 2013, and I’ve grown from Simon Lovell Fitness Business Mentor to now running a passionate team that is dedicated to helping personal trainers grow in all areas of their lives.

I’m proud to say that we haven’t only helped trainers generate more leads and sales we’ve also reconnected family members, built up relationships and sometimes even released people from the shackles of destructive energy in their lives.

The result = happier fitness professionals with more drive and power! 

This makes me so happy!

My signature coaching program Fitpro Mastery has been responsible for some pretty incredible results over the years, many of which you can find here on the success stories page.

Recently, after growing a pretty badass team, we decided that the company needed a shift in gears.

Every day we are discussing how to improve the company, how to boost results and how to make things better.

One of the big focuses for me which has made a huge difference to our clients has been the focus on mindset and confidence building.

That’s why the new Fitpro Mastery has a new onboarding phase that must be completed before it opens up the first in a new series of 3 phases to the 12 week mentorship program.

While the program has always taught a powerful transformational selling system, lead generation, creating a powerful client experience, the semi-private business model and much more, last year we made the important addition of additional 1-1 coaching in addition to the group model that we original had launched with.

It was in a recent trip to Japan for the Platinum Mastermind that we started to get more and more exposed to things like rewards, bonuses and levels, and in 2016 we implemented a fun four level ascension model that helped our clients move up more quickly to the infamous ‘Black’ 100k per year level.

The Big Redesign

After locking ourselves away in a room in my home in San Diego for 3 days, the team created a new, top secret framework that could only have been designed with the feedback from both clients and from our weekly accountability forms.

This data gave us A LOT of insights for us to be able to take coaching in the fitness industry to a whole new level.

One example of this was accountability forms. The data showed us that if a client misses ONE accountability form, this can strongly play a role in their future results in the program. This gives us intel on what to do when this is spotted and to focus on ensuring they get completed, on time, every time. This was a HUGE insight!

We looked at things like…

  • What has worked historically for the best performing clients
  • What were the biggest challenges for clients
  • What causes things like accountability forms to not be completed
  • What made some clients generate revenue super quickly and others slower
  • What helped to build confidence quicker than others
  • What were the best lead generation strategies
  • What were the top 5 challenge areas that we could focus on improving

The Big 3 Of Results Beyond Qualification (The New Shift)

After qualification, there are 3 major areas of results that wad to look at.

  1. Information and knowledge. Obviously if right now you’re selling sessions and blocks and you go from an average order of $500 to $5000 that’s a HUGE jump and value. So information is critical and we teach that, but that’s not the only thing.
  2. Accountability. This comes in the form of weekly accountability forms, the 1-1 coaching sessions and the weekly group calls.
  3. Rewards & Consequences.  At the end of the day, if you get asked to do something and you do not do it, what’s the outcome? You don’t get the results you want. That’s why we spent a lot of time looking at rewards and consequences.

My #1 focus was on accountability, and the question that I asked myself was ‘how far can we push it?’.

Based on where I want to take the company and the results, I decided to go ‘all in’ and go for the Navy Seals approach.

At the recent Platinum Mastermind, i put the clients through a hugely challenging Navy Seals training experience at Seal Fit and it was a great focus point when designing the new coaching / mentorship framework.

While I don’t want to reveal the entire Phase framework as it will spoil the surprise for new clients coming into the experience, I’ll give you example of one of the consequences.

Fitpro Mastery 2.0 includes a specific 90 day challenge woven into the main program with mini challenges throughout. If ONE of these fails to be completed, a day will be removed from the end of the program. So essentially non-action is punished so that it creates new behaviors.

Ultimately that’s our goal, to install new, life changing habits. This design facilitates that.

So we have created big ‘ordeals’ throughout to hold people to their word! It’s the only way forward.

At the end of the day people want RESULTS, but if there’s no consequence you get to slack off. In something like Navy Seals training you really have no choice or you’re letting another part of the team down. That’s why we’ve boosted team challenges and rewards for those who win at different stages.

The F Word

During the 3 days, we designed a super challenging 3 phase system that will significantly boost results of an already badass coaching program.

But we also had ONE word spread across the two huge whiteboards and that word was FUN.

For many personal trainers, the business can be stressful, so adding the fun element throughout the phases has been a big focus point. This comes during each of the stages but is HUGELY installed through the whole team and most of all the other Fitpreneurs who all have a a similar goal / mindset and values.

The Humanity Heroes

While income generation is a big focus point and helping a business to grow, it’s critical that all Fitpreneurs clients tap into their why and the reason for starting the business in the first place. Often times we can lose sight of that because we get caught up, stress takes over and we’re focusing on the wrong things. That’s why the new 3 phase Fitpro Mastery blends in the epic meaning and calling to a higher purpose and mission throughout.

When you’re running a business and especially when you’re of service to others, you give a lot of your energy to others. When things get challenging, sometimes you can hit a low. That’s where the ‘WHY’, the mission and the vision will keep you on track.

We understand at Fitpreneurs that during your business growth you may face relationship challenges, emotional ups and downs, sometimes things that you NEVER expect, and if you’re open to communicating that with us, we will help you deal with it.

The growth of any business is in direct relation to the stability of the leader running the business.

Finally, ‘The All Green’ qualification process.

While we would like to help every personal trainer out there, sadly the truth is not everyone is a fit, and based on the data we collected, the hundreds of conversations, coaching hours and top level analysis, we certainly have our ‘ideal client’ for Fitpro Mastery.

This program is for if you’re working with people IN PERSON either you’re wanting to go 100% personal training from a part time job, or you’re working mobile / in a big box gym or you own your own studio / facility.

We also looked at our most successful clients and created a new ‘Green Tick’ qualification process. If you meet each of the criteria here we’ll be able to help you even more!

SPECIAL OFFER FOR THE FIRST 10 into Fitpro Mastery 2.0

If you think you’re a match for the new Fitpro Mastery click here to apply for your call now. We’re currently looking to bring 10 personal trainers into the new version before the end of the month to help become part of the top 3% in terms of income and impact. If you read the below.. your chances of this happening go through the roof.

For the first 10 personal trainers that qualify for Fitpro Mastery 2.0 i’ll be working directly with you 1-1 with a coaching call + you will also get ONE MONTH FREE added onto the end of your program. This is HUGE!

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How Far Can You Push Coaching & Accountability?

Since Fitpreneurs was launched, initially as the itunes podcast, the company has grown to become a global provider of coaching and mentorship for personal trainers. Many of you will know that this started for me in the UK in 2013, and I've grown from Simon Lovell Fitness Business Mentor to now running a passionate team


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