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When Are You Going To Stop Being A Little Bitch?

I’ve heard every excuse under the sun from personal trainers. And i’m sure this post will ruffle a few feathers so if you can’t take the truth, you may want to exit this blog and dive back into whatever you were doing.

It’s one thing having the desire to grow a successful business, it’s another one taking the action to get the results that you want.

It’s the same for weight loss clients. Client comes and sees you. Wants to lose weight. Then what do they do, they fail to follow the plan and wonder why they’re not skipping around in a sexy bikini taking selfies and posting them on facebook.

Here’s the truth, growing a REALLY successful fitness business isn’t easy.

You’re going to have to step up and be a different person. You’re going to have to grab your balls and follow through and get over your fears.

The very fears that have already most likely cost you a relationship, are keeping you living with your parents, continuing to look for the cheapest way to do everything, which is attracting you people who want the cheapest from you.

Yep, guys, it’s time to man up. You got your big muscles and you look great, high five, nice work.

Now it’s time to get a reality check, and start to sort the real shit that most people will never challenge you on and you’re too scared to get help with.

Yep, stuff like how Dad wasn’t around for you, how you feel resentment and anger towards others, how you’re not stepping up for your lady and she wants you to provide but you’re making things sound better than they are.

Listen… things are NOT going to get better until you start admitting the truth, you start getting real and you start making some massive changes.

You want to grow your business? You want a fancy car? You want to move into a new home? You want to take a multiple holidays per year? Open or expand a location?

Listen up, listen up good and be ready for the truth, coming from someone who has been there, battled through addictions, had $50k of debt and ended up going from zero to a million in 18 months and helped countless personal trainers get out of their tough spot and dominate.

The truth is on this very page…

The Problem Is YOU!

Listen, whether you like it or not, you have to take full responsibility for your situation. Whether you’re spending too much time on social media, Pornhub or playing video games, you have to get to work and get intelligent about action.


And if you continue to ignore this and be on life autopilot, you’ll find yourself in the same situation in 5 years time, still dreaming when you see what you WANT to have in your life instead of having it.

Think about what it’s cost you so far in your life.

“But Simon…..”

“I don’t have the time….”

No, you have the exact same time as I do, the exact same time as a trainer crushing it and living a happy life. You are just doing things differently. So suck it up and start getting smart about the time you have.

You have to make sacrifices when you grow a business. Late nights, earlier mornings, changing your daily routine, pulling yourself away from certain people who drain the crap out of you. Even dumping that annoying, draining girlfriend who moans all the time.

Hell, you might even have to pack your shit up and move up country if you’re snorting cocaine, necking vodka every weekend and are spending half the week feeling sorry for yourself. Trust me, I know what that was like.

Listen, “I don’t have the time” is the same lame excuse that frustrates you from people, so you can’t pull that crap on me. Get real.

“I don’t have the money”

Jesus christ. Okay, so what you’re basically saying to me here is.. “Simon, I can’t save, I spend more money than I earn, and i’m shit with money”. Yep, you have adopted the same bad habits as the majority of people. Big deal. Go and get creative. Work harder, learn how to market yourself and sell. Learn, learn, learn. Borrow some money, sell some crap you don’t need.

Your negative relationship with money will be passed down to your kids if you don’t sort this out now. So stop spending on what you don’t need. Make cut backs. Save / use credit to hire a coach and take the exact steps that other trainers did because they wanted it more than other crap to make them feel good in the moment.

Here’s the truth, MOST people don’t get help when things are going great, they wait until shit hits the fan. And crazy as it sounds, most likely you’ll have to hit rock bottom (if you’re not there already) to finally move.

You see, if we’re comfortable and if we’re ‘just getting by’ then it will take you to lose something to start crapping yourself and put yourself into action.

But you see, it’s a failed long term strategy. You MUST adopt the masculine role of never ending intensity of desire (Think & Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill).

That you seek with such desire becomes a reality. And the truth is that your thoughts create a belief system.

What do you need to think and believe to become the trainer and leader you can be? Most likely not the thoughts and belief system you have now. So it’s time to make a radical change.

“But I need to get permission from”

No. You need to grab your balls and start making decisions like a man and not doubting yourself.

Every time you don’t follow through because you’re being a little bitch, you’re sending a message out to everyone, including the people you love that, well, honestly, you’re a bit of a pussy.

And if you can’t follow through and make a decision, then it’s not surprising that you’re worried about money and you can’t get people to follow through with you.

You see, like attracts like and if you MUST start showing up how you would like other people to show up with you.

Do you want to continue to be a little sheep going ‘baah baah’, or do you need to roar?

“But I’m Scared To…”

SHUT UP. Listen. Your clients most likely cry and shit their pants before they walk in to see you with your vein popping arms through your strategically medium sized tshirt (even though you’re a large), so why don’t you get over yourself and admit that every moment you continue to stop taking actin and most importantly follow through, you’ll always be an average dreamer that talks the big game but doesn’t play on the field. Yes, you’ll always be a substitute.

You MUST get out of your comfort zone and start taking action.

Scared? Great, do it anyway.

“But I tried something and it didn’t work for me”

Yep, another great one. Ask yourself this and answer honestly. Did you fully show up? Did you FULLY execute everything? Were other people working it but you were checked out?

I’ll go back to working with your clients. What’s the different between those who fail and those who succeed? What happens to the clients who work extra sessions even though they were only due to work with you a few times a week?


Listen, there’s plenty of fitness business coaching out there, there’s plenty, and plenty of copycats (yep i coached many  of the ‘fitness business mentors’ out there now).

The thing is, if you’re hopping around from one to the other and you’ve not seen results yet. IT’S YOU AND YOU NEED MINDSET COACHING.

This is why we’ve had to make it a essential to coaching.

Here’s the truth, to be a great client you need to be … RESOURCEFUL, 100% committed, dedicated, have integrity and do the work.

Or you’ll waste your money. You also need to DO THE WORK and sustain your initial growth, and that comes from re-investing in yourself. 

This never stops until the day you die.

Make this the day that you draw the line through all of your previous excuses and start doing what needs to be done to get yourself financially stable, emotionally strong, powerfully masculine and owning your shit where you get respected and honored for stepping up and showing up with the action to match the strength of your physical body.

And if you’re out of shape, sort that shit out right now. Go look in the mirror, look at your chubby bits and ask yourself if you would hire you.

Stop using your phone when with clients. Start loving your business again, get out there and talk to people, hire someone who will call you on your bullshit and start making a big dent in your area in a good way.

Because deep down I know you care about people, and I’m writing this because I care about you.

Go out there and crush it, serve, impact more lives.

In order to truly do that you need to stop focusing on yourself, your fears, your doubts, and get into massive movement. If you’re cool, you’re a great person and you’re ready to get your shit together, go here. No excuses. BS will be called.




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When Are You Going To Stop Being A Little Bitch?

I've heard every excuse under the sun from personal trainers. And i'm sure this post will ruffle a few feathers so if you can't take the truth, you may want to exit this blog and dive back into whatever you were doing. It's one thing having the desire to grow a successful business, it's another


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