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Sharp Swiss Brother & Sister Team Score From $8k To $50k Per Month

David Gil and Noelia had a successful local PT business in Basel, Switzerland, but after 4 years they decided it wasn’t enough. Here’s how David and his sister Noelia harnessed the strengths of their unique partnership… and got global recognition.

“My sister and I had been working with local women for nearly five years,” explained David, “but we always knew we could be doing a lot more. We were doing one-on-one training, plus networking. There was never any problem with leads, and business was fine. But we weren’t doing any specific marketing. Were we letting the business down by not trying harder?”

When A Basic Business Model Stops You Growing

David and Noelia started wondering how different life would be if they learned about marketing, advertising, and branding for this specific industry niche.

“We always knew we had a strong brand,” he said. “I’m a former pro soccer player, and Noelia has a professional ballet background. And of course we are brother and sister, which gives us a strong USP. But the problem was, we didn’t know how to make the most of our brand and get the message out beyond our local area.”

If Your Business Isn’t Scalable, The Brakes Are On

“We realised that we couldn’t go on like this forever, without any systems to scale our business,” said David. “We had big ideas for Eerion – franchises, opening new facilities, perhaps even abroad. But we couldn’t squeeze anything more out of the current business model.”

David and Noelia had good business knowledge, but nothing that was specific to the fitness industry. He realised that’s what they needed: a business mentor with deep knowledge of the fitness world.

“This industry is very specific and has its own dynamic force,” he said. “You need to understand how it really works. Applying basic business knowledge from another industry isn’t enough. We needed to learn more, then combine it with what we already knew, to create a winning formula.”

David discovered Fitpreneurs when he started looking outside Switzerland for international fitness industry mentors.

“I knew what I wanted in a mentor,” said David. “Someone who had found a way to be successful in what we were trying to do, had systemised success, and had a real understanding of the fitness industry. We needed to see evidence of a solid track record in fitness.”

David and Noelia spent weeks networking, making connections, and looking at clues to other people’s success. Their breakthrough call with me happened in December.

“Something happened on that call,” said David. “Simon got right to the heart of our business, and showed a true interest in what we wanted to achieve. He gave me several action points, which helped me instantly. Even with us being out here in Switzerland, I never felt removed from him. I knew investing in Fitpro Mastery was right for us.”

Eerion Business Growth As It Happened

The Eerion duo started Fitpro Mastery in November, and quickly rolled out their high ticket package with the tools and systems they’d learned.

“One specific shift that helped us increase revenue very quickly was shifting from 1-2-1 to semi private arrangements,” David said. “The potential is huge. We started implementing this after our second conversation with Simon.  And now we have it systemised, so it’s there generating revenue and we have more freedom to develop the business. We no longer have to be in the business every day.”

October 2016 (before Fitpro Mastery) $8000 USD

November 2016 (started Fitpro Mastery) $11,000 USD

December $13,000 USD

January 2017 $20,000 USD

Since February, the pair have made a solid $30,000 USD every month.

And in March they added a sold-out seminar to their earnings, taking their monthly income to nearly $50,000 USD.

UPDATE: Since this article was written, David has now reached $50k. See video below from the Fitpreneurs Platinum Mastermind.

“The best thing about this is that we know it’s made our programmes and seminars scalable,” said David. “Before we started Fitpro Mastery, we had a total lack of systems and it was painfully obvious that this was a barrier to growth. Fitpro Mastery has taught us new systems and helped us leverage what we were already doing. Now, we have a good idea of what works for us, and can implement it.

“Once you have your own systems, you have a formula,” he explained. “Everything with our business is on autopilot now, so we can focus on speaking, education, and learning – higher level things we couldn’t do before.”

Get Out Of Your Bubble

As David discovered, one of the great benefits of industry-specific mentoring is the people you meet.

“Once you get into this environment, you get involved with different people,” he said. “It’s not just about becoming more more business savvy. It’s about growing your entire business world. Since starting Fitpro Mastery, we attend more seminars, have more business connections, and we are creating a peer group of different experts all of whom teach us different things. The Fitpro Mastery programme gave us a global network of fitpros, which is very different to being by ourselves in Switzerland. And it benefits our clients, too, because we can bring them the best of the global fitness industry.”

Sharing experiences on a global level keeps business fresh and exciting for David and Noelia. But that’s not the only benefit for his PT clients. The mindset aspect of our mentoring has enriched his clients’ experiences, too.

“Regular chats with Simon really showed me the importance of mindset for a successful business,” said David. “We swap ideas, and discuss things that would fit well in our own programmes. It has been such a valuable part of the mentoring journey. Some of it even made it into our own high end programme. Coaching will teach you things that you can pass on to your own clients.”

The future is exciting for David and Noelia as they look beyond Switzerland and set their sights on a global business.

“Things look completely different to a year ago,” said David. “Our business is working like a machine, so we can focus our time and energy to reach more people on different levels. There is a lot to do, we really believe the industry need this. So many PTs lack business skills. Good fitness industry mentoring is a must if you want to grow a sustainable business.

“We want to roll our programmes our overseas and have new facilities, and we know it will happen. Our systems are scalable, and we know how to get ourselves seen and heard in new areas. We’ve learned how to make the most of our brand, and we have got lots of credibility through our content. Partners and investors are starting to pay attention, and we have some exciting joint ventures to consider.”

This brother and sister partnership have learned how to leverage their unique background to reach more people and help more clients. Are you ready to do the same? Sign up to your free breakthrough call and we’ll find the USP that can take you further than the competition.


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Single Mom Francine HAD To Make Personal Training A Success – For Her Baby Son

Francine Truscott has been a single Mom from day one of her son’s life. After a long corporate career which had kept her moving all over the globe, she knew she wanted more time with him. She needed to learn how to run her own business – fast.

“I knew that Personal Training would give me the fulfillment and flexibility I wanted,” Francine explained. “But I had no idea how to make a financial success of it. With a new baby in my life, there was no room for failure.”

Francine had actually qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2007 but treated it as a part time hobby for years. After a long and successful career in the corporate world, she made the massive decision to leave her job when her son was born.

“I was 38 years old, and a single Mom to an 11-month old son,” said Francine. “It was time to re-evaluate my priorities and make more time for the important things in life.”

She would be leaving behind a big salary, job security, and the stability of corporate life. But PT was her passion.

“I had recently lost my mother and knew it was time to do something that had true meaning,” said Francine. “Life is too short not to do what you love.”

So Francine took the plunge: leaving the corporate world to train clients full time at a local gym. But it wasn’t long before she realised this would never give her the career satisfaction or freedom she needed.

“After my first day at the gym, I came home and bawled my eyes out,” she said. “It was so stressful. I had no idea if I’d done the right thing. Was I crazy?”

Things didn’t get any better. And after four years, she’d had enough of gym hours, pressure, and politics. She decided to train clients at home but realised it’s not as easy as it seems.

“I couldn’t keep the leads coming in,” she said. “Soon enough, they dried up completely. I felt I had no choice but to go back to the gym.”

She Wasn’t Running Her Business, it Was Running Her!

This wasn’t how Francine had imagined Personal Training would be.

“Things weren’t working out at the gym,” she said. “I was plodding along and not getting where I wanted to be. I knew I would have more time with my son (and probably more money) if I was running my own business. But I didn’t know how to do it.”

Either way, Francine needed to take control of her time and stop living from day to day.

Time to Face the Truth

Francine wasn’t earning her potential because of how she was running her business.

She had been a major success in her corporate career but suddenly felt like a business newbie.

“I hadn’t realised how hard it would be,” she said. “The structure of a corporate business was handed to me on a plate, and now I needed to know everything myself. I was craving time, space, and freedom. But I wasn’t running my business the right way.”

Francine knew she needed expert help.

Our Paths Finally Crossed

One of Francine’s friends had connected us in 2012 when her son was just a baby and we’d stayed in touch on Facebook. But it wasn’t until she struck up a friendship with a graduate of Fitpro Mastery that she realised how Fitpreneurs could work for her, too.

“It’s strange how chance encounters can change the course of your life,” Francine said. “When I was doing one of my PT courses, I met an amazing woman called Anna Marsh. She was doing incredible things with her fitness business. I saw she was part of Fitpreneurs and realised that it was Simon Lovell, the guy I’d connected with a few years ago! Anna’s success spoke volumes. I didn’t need any more convincing. I messaged Simon and applied for Fitpro Mastery.”

Before her Breakthrough Call with us, Francine went for a walk with her partner and told him that she thought she needed a business coach. He agreed and started asking her who she had considered. “I think I’ve already found the right guy,” Francine told him.

Finally Living Her True Potential

As Francine discovered, success in this industry is built on a foundation of mindset. How you view yourself will dictate the kind of clients you attract, how much you can earn, and how long your career will be.

“In my first couple days with Fitpreneurs, I learned to get out of my head and into my heart,” she explained. “I’d spent too long thinking about what clients could afford and letting them dictate to me how they wanted to train. With Simon’s help, I learned to tell them this is how we’re going to train.”

During her time with us, Francine learned how to get past her fears and truly help clients, tapping into her full potential as a trainer.

“Instead of “what should I say?”, I got comfortable with knowing “this is what I should say!”, she said. “I stopped worrying about what I was going to get out of it, and focused on what was in their best interests.”

Before and After

As soon as Francine shifted that focus away from her, and onto the client, her business transformed.

“My breakthrough moment came when my Fitpreneur coach asked me how often I train,” Francine said. “I told her 4-5 times per week. So why was I training my clients once per week and accepting that as enough! I immediately felt confident asking clients to train several times per week to reach their goals.”

Francine stopped selling sessions and started selling the end product. She’s now launched a new system and is actually turning people away.

“I’m giving clients the option of training my way or finding a trainer who will do one session a week,” she said. “I’m being true to myself and delivering a service that I believe will give them real value.”

Before Fitpro Mastery:

>> $2000 AUD a month

>> 1-2-1 sessions

>> selling one session a week per client

After Fitpro Mastery:

>> selling complete transformation packages

>> $7000 AUD in January (a very quiet month in Australia)

>> $8000+ AUD in February

>> Goal now is $10,000 AUD a month as a base line

“Traditional basic PT courses focus is on selling 20 1-2-1 sessions a week,” she said. “Simon taught me to offer clients what they really need. The mindset shift is huge. They are more committed to their training, and I am more committed to them. It gets better results for everyone.

“I never ran this as a real business, and I don’t want to go back there! I’m a serious business owner now. This is how every trainer should feel about their business.”

Paying it Forward

As Francine’s own business gains serious traction in Brisbane, she knows exactly what the future holds.

“I want to be able to pass on what I’ve learned from Fitpreneurs so I can spread the word and help more trainers get more results,” she said. “If I’d known what I know now when I started out, I’d be in a very different position! So I want to bring a couple trainers into my business and get them started on the right foot.”

Francine’s business success has given her the time, freedom, and income she wanted when she left her corporate job for Personal Training. As she sits back with her partner, her young son, and two step-sons, she can relax knowing that she’s on the right track and will be able to keep her business success going.

“It’s a pleasure to be associated with Fitpreneurs,” she said. “It’s the best business decision I’ve made. It got me into the headspace of understanding my clients and showing them I will give them real value. I’ve already made my investment back.”

What are you waiting for? Apply for your Breakthrough Call and talk to one of our coaches.


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Watch How PT Matt Hit The Ground Running In One Of The UK’s Busiest Areas

When Matt Tustin left his management job in one of the industry’s fastest growing gym chains, people assumed he would know exactly how to launch a successful business. But Matt was nervous. Sure, he had years of experience managing big box gyms. But he knew it wouldn’t be plain sailing.

Luckily, Matt made a smart choice straight away and enlisted the help of  fitness business coaching at Fitpreneurs who helped him hit the ground running. This is the story of how he came to dominate one of the busiest areas in the UK.

“When I set up The PT Man, I wasn’t new to the industry,” explains Matt, “but I was brand new to running my own business. So, in a way, I felt like I was starting from scratch. I knew I had to get it right.”

Matt had been in the industry for 10 years, working as a PT in a large local spa gym and then moving into management. His career quickly skyrocketed, giving him the job security and comfortable salary of gym management in London.

“It was exciting, and allowed me to move on to bigger and better things,” he said. “But I felt I’d lost touch with the 1-2-1 client contact. I was up for a big promotion, and realised I was at a crossroads. I got into this industry to watch people achieve their goals, and see the smile on their face. Management was taking me away from all that. I had to make a decision. I’d always wanted to set up my own business, and finally I felt ready.”

So Matt left the security and career track of his gym management career, and set up as a Personal Trainer in his home town of Wokingham. Born and bred there, he knew about every existing PT, coach, and trainer.

“Wokingham is a busy town in the M4 corridor,” he explained. “It’s close to London and big business bases like Reading. There were already a lot of PTs, and suddenly I had joined them.”

Yes, Matt had been in the industry for more than 10 years. But right now, he felt brand new.

He Had One Chance to Get it Right

“I had been getting Simon’s Fitpreneur emails for years,” he said. “He gives great advice, but that’s not what made him stand out. I connected with his ethos and the importance he puts on people. After all, that’s what this industry is about. I was never just interested in how to make money. I wanted to be a success so I could make a difference and help more people.”

In fact, Matt had his Breakthrough Call with us as he was seeing out his notice period.

“I started Fitpro Mastery the same day that I finished my job!” he laughed. “I knew I needed to move fast, and I didn’t want to waste time. I’d found the right mentor, so why hang around?”

Initially, Matt found it difficult to be without the infrastructure and routine of big business.

“Day one of self-employment was pretty scary,” he recalled. “I remember waking up not knowing what I should do. I had been accountable to a whole team, and suddenly nobody was relying on me. I imagined that nobody would really know if I stayed in bed all day! It makes you question your worth. I’m so glad that I had Fitpro Mastery there to support and direct me from day one.”

It wasn’t plain sailing for this motivated PT. To his surprise, after five years in a management role, he doubted himself.

This Is How He Side-Stepped Self Doubt

“The first call with my mentor was surprisingly tough,” he recalled. “I had never had that level of conversation before, even though I’d held various management roles. I realised that I wasn’t confident in my own abilities, especially in sales. The bottom line was, I didn’t know where to start on my own.”

Once again, having Fitpro Mastery in place saved Matt from the procrastination, fear, and self-doubt which can slam the brakes on many new PT businesses.

“The mentors quickly helped me put a structure in place,” he said. “I was given tasks and homework, and a clear plan for putting a product together. It was phenomenal. I would never have known what to do by myself, let alone actually do it!”

And it worked. Matt’s simple, clear, and consistent approach won him new clients and great feedback.

“Business built quickly,” he said. “I was soon getting leads, setting up consultations, converting, and selling.

“I actually didn’t believe it would work as well as it did. I was getting organic leads straight away and converting lots of them. Within one week, I was able to move to a new studio in a great location in Wokingham.”

Matt is now actively searching for his own studio and has started to work with another PT who will be working under his brand.

Was He Crazy to Launch Just Before His Wedding?

Two of the most stressful and financially demanding things in life are your wedding and setting up your own business. Matt did both within 4 weeks. But it didn’t panic him – or his new wife.

“We got married a month after I launched the business,” he laughed, “and it was an expensive time with a lot of pressure, but I was so confident about the mentorship programme. That helped. My wife was a bit unsettled at the timing of everything, but she was behind me 100%. She had total confidence in Fitpro Mastery and the new business. We did choose to delay our honeymoon, though!”

At the rate Matt is going, he will be able to splash out on an amazing break. Check out how his business has grown.

The PT Man Business Success In Numbers

Before: Matt was training clients as “pocket money”, making £500/month
November: Left his job, started The PT Man, joined Fitpro Mastery. Made £2000
December: £4000
January: £6000 (still only doing 1-2-1 sessions)
February: launched semi-private training options

“Income has been climbing steadily since I started,” he said, “and the goal now is to grow faster with the introduction of semi-private. I felt awkward changing the way I charge, but Fitpro Mastery taught me how and gave me the confidence to do it”

Matt’s original goal was to match his former income, but we challenged him about that. “I realised it was a confidence thing,” he admitted. “Why not aim higher?”

Bold Ambitions for Future Projects

“Fitpro Mastery taught me to think about leverage,” said Matt. “I want to fill all of my semi-private spaces and then launch an exciting online product.”

Matt explained how one of his oldest friends had been impressed by the changes in his mindset and emotional character since going through Fitpro Mastery.

“He used exercise as a catalyst to get out of severe depression,” explained Matt. “So we’ve partnered up to launch a project linking mental health to physical exercise. Fitpro Mastery showed me the power of community, so we’ll base our project around what I learned from Fitpreneurs. It’s amazingly valuable to know you are not on your own.”

As Matt discovered during his mentorship experience, mindset can be the missing link between starting something and making it a success. “Fitpro Mastery gave me support from my first day in business,” he said. “It was where I could go for a pat on the back for good work, or a pick you up after a tough day.”

To anyone making the move from full-time employment into self-employment PT, Matt has some words of advice about business mentoring.

“Do it, don’t waste time on the fence. You’ll learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Being a success in business is about so much more than the processes and systems. Look around at what you have to offer the world, be confident, and seek expert support to bring the best of yourself out.”

Are you ready to set up your breakthrough call like Matt did? Click here to get started


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Physical Anxiety & Exhausted To $9000 In One Month For Nate’s Fitness Business

Nate Church had been making big money in the business world. It led to a great lifestyle, and time to enjoy his hobbies. But he always felt pulled towards Personal Training. Could he ever match the income of the corporate job he left behind?

Like many guys in their 30s and 40s, Nate Church took the traditional route. Good grades, college, then onto the corporate ladder. And he was a huge success, bringing home good money and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. But as the years went by, it got harder to ignore his dream of owning a fitness business. So Nate started coaching clients as a side business.

“The dream was always to make my fitness business a full-time thing,” he said. “But it’s incredibly difficult to make the leap when you are on a good salary. The assumption is that you’ll slowly grow your side business until you can move across. But the reality isn’t that clear cut.”

In May 2014, life intervened and made the decision for him. Redundancy gave Nate the space to reassess. He decided to launch his fitness and martial arts business full time.

For a while, Nate lived the familiar lifestyle of a mobile PT, bouncing around town training 1-2-1.

“I was getting by, but I was exhausted,” he said. “I quickly realised this wasn’t the best way to work.  So I rented a small studio space to have a permanent environment. By now I was doing some small group training, but things were still a struggle.”

Why Aren’t Clients Lining Up To Work With You?

Nate couldn’t figure out why more people didn’t know about his business. After all, he was getting great results for his clients, and he had a good venue.

“Why wasn’t I getting lots of leads, when all my clients loved my program? Turns out I had made the classic mistake of thinking the hard work was done,” he said.

Nate kind of thought that once you get your website and Facebook page set up, people beat down your door. “But in reality that is just the start,” he realised. “That’s when you need to work hard to get leads. But I didn’t know how.”

Nate had been successful at a high level in business. This was all new to him. Suddenly he felt frustrated and lost. Why wasn’t it working?

“Honestly, I felt like I was trapped in a rip current,” he explained. “I was working hard, but not getting anywhere. I couldn’t understand it.”

What Happens When Your Business Reaches Tipping Point?

Nearly two years later, Nate decided something had to change.

His fitness business was failing. “As a husband, I was unable to contribute financially to our life,” he said. “This was tough to accept, when not so long ago I had been earning big money in a corporate world. Our lives had to change a lot, saying “no” to vacations and family trips. Some weeks, it even came down to deciding whether to pay for gas or groceries.”

The situation created a lot of self-doubt. Was Nate doing the right thing?

“My wife was totally supportive, but the situation put a lot of stress on us,” he said. “And it caused me physical anxiety. I was permanently exhausted. I was taking on clients that weren’t aligned with what I wanted to achieve, and that quickly affected my confidence. I felt like the situation had cost me my integrity.”

Nate realised he had been trying to go it alone for long enough.

“I needed to get help, or go back to the corporate world. That idea played on mind every day. Sure, it would mean making good money again, but I felt like it would be settling. I didn’t want to always wonder “what if?”

Nate had been reading Simon’s blog, and listening to his video tips for years, and finally he decided to reach out.

“I fixed up a call with Simon, and then was lucky enough to meet him in person in San Diego. That meeting was amazing. He really dug deep into my emotions and goals. He pushed me pretty hard, but that’s exactly what I needed. Finally someone was asking where I wanted to be, and how I wanted to impact the world. My wife joined me at that meeting, and Simon was interested in her career path and goals, too. I was impressed. He was really interested at a very deep level.”

Nate was even more impressed when they had a catch-up call a few weeks later. Simon had remembered every detail of what they’d discussed at the meeting, even asking after Nate’s wife’s own business developments.  “I thought – this is a business mentor who really cares,” said Nate.

Is Your Ego In Your Own Way?

It still took Nate 4 months to jump into Simon’s FitPro Mastery program.

“We tend to think we should do everything by ourselves, don’t we,” said Nate. “And here I was, formerly a huge success in the corporate world, asking a guy younger than me to help me not be a failure in my own business. I struggled with the idea of giving in to guidance, feeling like it would be showing defeat, or that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Asking For Help Is Not A Weakness

The truth was, of course, that Nate didn’t know what he was doing. And that’s fine! Asking for help is not giving in. It’s a smart business decision.

“If I asked for Simon’s help, I could grow my business, help more people, and live the life I wanted to live. At that point, it was a no brainer,” he said.

“Simon does a tremendous job of connecting with you. He tapped into the success I’d had in my corporate life and told me I could do it again. He bolsters your confidence, but not through BS. He reinvigorated my belief in myself.  I finally admitted that I wasn’t where I wanted to be – or needed to be. I owed it to the world to impact more clients.”

When Nate  joined FitPro Mastery, the team pushed him to recognise what he is really worth, and to charge more.

“I ended up turning clients away if they weren’t a good fit, and that was scary,” he said. “I remember the first time. They were sitting in front of me with their debit card out, ready to pay, and I needed rent money! But I stuck to my values and looked at the bigger picture.

And it all paid off.

Nate’s Business Growth In Numbers

March 2016: before FitPro Mastery – $1252

August 2016: started FitPro Mastery

September 2016: $4260 (more than March, April, May combined!)

October 2016: $5500

November 2016: $5700

December 2016: $5500

January 2017: $9000

What changed? “I stopped cutting deals, and raised my prices and – guess what – nobody freaked out! And when I finally shifted from selling memberships to putting out transformation packages, my business transformed.”

What Should Fitness Business Mentoring Look Like?

Nate admits he wasn’t sure what to expect from Simon’s mentoring.

“I thought it would be all about systems, tools, and marketing – like college for business owners. But what stood out was the emotional work. The coaches encourage you to analyse yourself and your emotions to explore how you are holding yourself back. For me, it was my old fear of disappointing my Dad, and him telling me to go back to corporate world. I’d been self-sabotaging that whole time.”

>> I no longer felt like one guy alone with his unique problems

>> It was great to be able to share things with people in the same industry.

>> It’s awesome to see other people’s breakthroughs.

>> The group got me amped up every time.

“It’s easy to blame lack of knowledge, not understanding Facebook ads, being in a bad location, having a lot of local competition. But the mentoring program forces you to dive in and find truthful answers to why you’re not being successful.  And as you see other succeed, you start to call yourself out on your own BS. It’s an eye-opening process.

“ I’ve worked through a lot of the self sabotage and self doubt,” said Nate. “I’m finally brave enough to be me, not the persona someone thinks they want as a trainer.”

He Can Finally Leave The Corporate World Behind

Just a few months after joining Fitpreneurs, Nate’s business has grown to a point that he can’t keep up with the admin side of things, so his wife now works in the business alongside him. Nate has finally cut the support ties with his former corporate life. He’s unsubscribed from job alerts and removed his resume from head hunting websites.

“If you’d told me a year ago – when I was barely able to pay the rent – that I’d make more than $5,000 a month over Christmas and New Year, I would not have believed you,” he said. “I even sold a full transformation package on Christmas Eve – that was a real wow moment. They believed in me and invested in me, on Christmas Eve!”

And his Dad is now his biggest fan. “The other day, he actually said, “you’re going to make more than you made in the corporate world!”

“If anyone is hesitating about fitness burins mentoring, get off the fence and take action,” said Nate. “What do we tell our PT clients? If you don’t alter what you’re doing, you can’t expect to see results. So if your business isn’t where you want it to be – or at least on the right trajectory – you have to make a change. But go with someone who has a proven track record.”

Are you ready to get similar results to Nate? If so click here and take the step that Nate took to turn it all around.


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How Steve Suddenly Started Attracting Record Numbers & Perfect Clients

Steve Pavis isn’t new to the industry. In fact, he’s got 14 years experience of Personal Training and running his own therapy business. You might think Steve had it all sorted and could increase his income whenever he chose.

So did Steve. Until he took his business from a studio into his own home…. and watched, helpless, as his leads dried up and income bottomed out.

Was that it? 14 years of business down the drain? Steve had two options: head back out into the workplace and get a job working for someone else. Or work out why things had gone wrong, and work hard to turn things around.

This is what happened.

“I’d been in the industry for 14 years in total,” explained Steve, “with 10 of those running my own business offering Pilates, body work, and reconnective healing. Things were going well and business was growing every year.”

Then Steve decided to close the studio, and focus on the personal healing work. He moved Steve Pavis Therapy to his a mini studio at his house. And waited for business to continue…

“It should have been fantastic,” he said. “I had a big client list and a well known brand. Moving to a home studio had slashed my overheads. But something went badly wrong. I didn’t get anyone through the door for 5 months.”

It was a huge blow to Steve’s income, and to his confidence. He buried his head in the sand and went into survival mode, scrabbling to save the business he loved.

He Was This Close To Getting A 9-5 Job (But He Hated The Idea!)

“I didn’t stop to think,” he said, remembering how he dropped his prices to try and save his business. “I just worked out how much money I needed, and how many hours I could work. After 14 years in business, I was going backwards by lowering my prices so drastically.”

The “pile em high” approach got plenty of people through the door, and Steve earned just enough to survive, but he was delivering 10 sessions a day, 6 days a week

“I was physically tired, stressed, and had no extra money to contribute to the household,” said Steve. “I could never take my wife out for a meal, couldn’t contribute to family holidays, and had no time to do the things I loved.”

When Everyone Around You Thinks Being Busy Means You’re A Success

Steve was working himself into the ground to keep a surviving business afloat.

Rock bottom confidence.

Minimal income.

A business going backwards.

Something had to change. But Steve didn’t know what to do. None of his old strategies were working, and he was out of ideas. Was it time to look outside his circle for help?

Steve had never considered business mentoring. “I thought it all looked a bit flashy,” he explained. “I’m not hugely driven by cash, and I thought any business mentoring had to all be about making more money than anyone else.”

Then Steve found Simon. “It was a strange co-incidence,” he said. “I had seen some of Simon’s Facebook posts, then discovered he had been a Personal Trainer at the same gym I started out at, years ago. The local connection made me curious, so I started listening to more of his advice.”

Not All Fitpro Mentoring Is The Same

Steve liked what he heard. Simon’s Fitpreneurs advice wasn’t about money, possessions, and living a flashy lifestyle. In fact, Simon’s approach resonated with an important part of Steve’s value system: spirituality.

“When I heard him talking about the spiritual side of being a successful business person, I got really excited,” said Steve. “He mentioned mindset a lot, and I wanted to know more. When I realised how much personal development Simon has done, I realised he’s on my wavelength. So I applied for a call.”

Steve did not know what to expect on the free strategy call. It turned out to be a valuable moment of complete clarity which helped him see what had to be done.

“Simon called me out on some key things during that call,” said Steve, “and I realised that he was the right person to help me tackle them and move forward.”

– Steve realised he wasn’t stepping up. “My wife is a success in business, so it had been easy for me to take a back seat and survive, but my confidence was going down. I had to step up and be the man.”

– The change in Steve’s business had been difficult, but hadn’t caused any friction in his marriage or home life. “We were comfortable and rolling along, so there had been no incentive for me to take action.”

Simon’s strategy call challenged Steve to have a deep conversation with his wife about what he really wanted to achieve with his business, how he wanted to help clients, and what kind of man he wanted to be. And he realised none of that would come to the surface unless things changed dramatically.

So Steve signed up to Fitpro Mastery and Product Mastery, expecting to receive all the practical tools it is known for: business knowledge, systems, Facebook marketing training.

“I’d seen the success other people had on Fitpro Mastery, but didn’t think I could achieve that level,” he said. “I just wanted to be earning more than I was. We set some goals, but I never thought I’d achieve them. I just wanted to earn enough to get my time and freedom back.”

“After lots of hard work, I had a breakthrough and got past my limitations, transforming my business,” said Steve. “When I started bringing that energy into my client work, the changes were incredible. More sign ups, and better results with my clients who had finally found the energy they had been looking for from me.  And I had a more dynamic relationship with my wife.

“When I signed up, I had no idea this would be the biggest piece of personal development in my life. I really feel this has aligned my life purpose for me. It’s helped me find the energy that was lacking. I’m a different person, and my business is thriving on it.”

Steve’s Business Transformation In Numbers

September 2016: £1500 a month income, selling private sessions for £16/hour

October 2016: started Fitpro Mastery. Goal was to hit £5,000/month.

November 2016: launched premium package, increased prices, signed up clients.

Hit £5,000 after 4 weeks.

Now rolling out new packages and on track to hit £10,000 a month.

“I am confident that the jump to £10K a month will be sustainable and consistent,” said Steve. “I’m now working just 15 hours per week, I have time to go and play golf, and was able to take a day off for my wife’s birthday. It’s all coming together – it’s more than a relief, it’s a dream!”

Steve’s business has been transformed by his renewed confidence and energy.

“I’ve got fewer clients than before,” he explained, “but I’m earning much more. I’m attracting the type of clients I want to work with, people who really need my help. I’m stepping up and helping them, really changing their lives. It’s hugely satisfying for me.”

Steve has moved onto our Product Mastery course, nailing down his niche market and learning how to offer specific modalities. Soon he’ll take on team members to free up more of his time. He’s excited to dominate the online space in his niche. And in future he wants to expand his offline work, setting up a tiered system for community work, and taking it big. “The place I want is on my vision board,” he told us. We have no doubt he’ll be there soon.
Do you feel like you’ve lost your confidence? Let us show you how to be the driven, successful business owner you are meant to be. Click here to apply for your free breakthrough call.


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