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49 Ways To Build A Rock Solid Mindset To Grow Your Personal Training Business

If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that working on your mind massively helps you grow your personal training business. In fact, it’s so critically important it is the difference between those who are super successful and those who end up never creating the true impact they want.

Just remember that thoughts create things and in my experience, coaching and mentoring thousands of personal trainers, it’s one thing to have a great strategy, but if you can’t implement that strategy, it’s useless.

If you find that your business is stuck, or that your income has stayed the same for any length of time, or that you have little self-confidence, or you worry about what others think of you, it all comes down to working on your brain.

I’ve been in so many tough places in my life, and what’s ultimately got me out of tough situations, that’s helped me to achieve more than I ever thought possible is developing and growing myself.

Think about it. If someone doesn’t want to go to a gym or workout but they know they need to lose weight, it’s their brain that stops them. If a client doesn’t show up consistently, it’s most likely they’re using excuses, again, mindset.

If your client keeps on talking about their abusive, negative relationship that they don’t have the power or strength to leave, it’s our mind.

And it’s the same that happens in your business. Your beliefs around money, how much you can earn. Whether you’re going to hire someone or stay as you are. Your ability, or lack of, to charge higher prices.

But you see, so few make the connection to the importance of mindset, yet it’s THE most important thing to work on.

In fact, after about two years of coaching, I had my assistant Anne (the amazing assistant) compile a list of the biggest challenges that my clients were going through, and with that, coupled with conversations and coaching applications, I put together a mindmap of these which you can view below.

This then ended up turning into a product called All Fired Up which specifically tackles mindset for personal trainers in a 7-day process that has amazing results. It includes daily meditations and recordings of interventions with some of my clients around their challenges, one of the biggest being the fear of failure.

Before I share that with you and the 49 Ways To Build A Rock Solid Mindset, here are a the top 10 mindset challenges that are painful for many personal trainers (just so you don’t feel like you’re the only one).

  • Fear of failure
  • No confidence
  • Lack of self-belief
  • Worrying what others think
  • Not staying focused
  • Laziness
  • Not feeling good enough
  • Unable to ask for money
  • Worrying about money
  • Lack of direction

Now let’s get into these ways to help you with your mindset!

  1. Always remember why you went into the industry and your mission to serve. Never forget who you are.
  2. Be part of an amazing peer group, remove drains from your life.
  3. Be careful when in a bad posture, how you hold your body effects your emotions
  4. Take actions for your business immediately after exercise and intense workouts
  5. Remember that you have a choice to shift and change your thoughts at any moment
  6. Journal daily your emotions, feelings, getting them out on paper helps to release tension
  7. Read / watch / listen to video testimonials from your clients to remember how amazing you are
  8. Make a list of things you’re grateful for in your life
  9. Read motivational stories from personal trainers that are crushing it and then take the actions required to do what they did to get there.
  10. Schedule time in your diary to take time out to recharge your batteries. You give so much of yourself to others, make sure that you fill yourself up.
  11. Trust in the resources you have around you.
  12. Take daily actions on things that scare you, to stretch you outside of your comfort zone.
  13. Take your ‘failures’ as feedback on what to change next time around.
  14. Always adopt the never give up mentality and understand that challenges are there to help you grow to the next level.
  15. Remember that you have the same time in the day as everyone else.
  16. The next time you’re at a coffee shop, buy a coffee for the person behind you or next to come up. Wait for the feeling it gives you and wait for what happens next.
  17. Backtrack and remember how far you’ve come and what you’ve already achieved and understand that most will never take the steps you’ve taken to help other people.
  18. Actively seek ways to raise your energy. A new energy brings a new level of activity in your business and different emotions.
  19. Seek business activities that you would normally shy away from, purely as a way to stretch you mentally.
  20. Knock off your to-do list first, the things you would normally do last.
  21. Produce a live video, if you’ve already done one, create one with a story of something you would normally find hard to share.
  22. Ask yourself ‘is it true?’ when you think of a negative thought.
  23. Start doing what you loved as a kid.
  24. Live in an amazing state.
  25. Remember that the past is the past. It’s not the snake bite that kills a man, it’s the poison. What are you still holding onto that you need to let go of?
  26. Meditate daily. If you need to, use the All Fired Up guided personal trainer meditations.
  27. Understand that MOST of your life is controlled by your subconscious mind, and you can reprogram it if you’re willing to spend the time.
  28. Get so attached to your compelling future that you have the same level of desire that got you to where you already are. Think about what level of energy got you to meet your partner, or want to qualify or to quit your job. It’s the same level of energy that will push you through and create the life you want.
  29. Cry, get that shit out of you and don’t feel guilty for it. Suppression of emotions creates disease.
  30. Start to notice what triggers you both positively and negatively.
  31. It’s hard to hold ourselves accountable. Find someone to push you.
  32. Ask yourself power questions such as ‘who doIi need to become to get where I need to be’.
  33. Make a list of 10 things that make you feel good and do more of them. But make sure you book them in your calendar.
  34. Vulnerability is a power not a weakness.
  35. Get in alignment with what you’re seeking, by living up and being that person yourself.
  36. Notice what happens to you in times of stress and where you go, what you do and how you act. Look to change these patterns, first by being aware.
  37. Start to study levels of consciousness and how this rapidly impacts your life.
  38. Write down your top ten fears.
  39. Hang around with successful people and model what they do. Take the actions they take.
  40. Turn your ‘dreams’ into clear decisions. Once you’re committed, everything changes. Why haven’t you committed before?
  41. Stop worrying about people that will never pay you or hire you. Start thinking about the people who need your help.
  42. What are your beliefs around money, success, sales, how much you can earn and what’s possible?
  43. Who would be you be without your anger, sadness and guilt?
  44. Force yourself into a position where you have to make it work “burn the boats”.
  45. Reduce watching news, negative youtube videos etc.
  46. Remove negative triggers and people from all social media.
  47. Seek those who will push you and force you to raise yourself to a new standard.
  48. Allow. When you fight against the river, you’ll never reach your destination. Focus on where you want to go instead of everything that’s going wrong. What you focus on expands and you get more of it.
  49. Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Use your gut and ignore your fears. Ask yourself the question. What would I do in this situation if I had no fear?

IMPORTANT: Print out this list, put it next to your bed and read every day for at least 30 days. This will SIGNIFICANTLY HELP YOU

Feed your mind everyday with something positive, I personally love Audible.
Try and look at difficult situations from a different perspective

Just finishing up, remember that growing yourself, your mind and belief systems just like anything takes you putting in the work and taking action on the above. If you want a fast track, be sure to check out the All Fired Up: 7 Day Mindset Shift that has changed so many lives already.

Take The Ultimate 7 Day Mindset Shift

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