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100 Ways to Have a Killer Mindset to Help Grow Your Personal Training Business

Your mindset, beliefs, thoughts and identity place a huge role in the success of your fitness business and this is regardless of what level you’re at. If you want to reach a whole new level, you need to constantly focus on working on your mind to grow all areas of your life.

Since launching Fitpreneurs, and even prior to that with my own journey, the big shifts that our clients get is through the self-development piece alongside the business development.

I put this list together as a great starting point for you to look at all of the different ways to improve yourself.

My 7 day day mindset series All Fired Up will help you to deepen your work around this topic and subscribe to the Youtube Channel as I’ll be creating a whole new series around this list very soon.

So made this list for you, which I hope you’ll find useful, maybe some good reminders, or new ones. Regardless, hopefully you will enjoy!

1. Read from masters every day
2. Meditate every day
3. Surround yourself with people with a good mindset
4. End all negative relationships
5. Challenge your own thoughts
6. Get into nature
7. Own a dog
8. Seek something out of your comfort zone
9. Attend events & seminars
10. Build a great team that supports and believes in you
11. Look at things from a different perspective
12. Hypnosis / NLP
13. Seek accountability
14. Do something you fear (like jumping out of a plane)
15. Be okay with crying
17. Be yourself, stop trying to be someone you are not
18. Ask quality questions of yourself
19. Do more of what feels good
20. Set boundaries and be okay with keeping them
21. Get a regular massage
22. Reconnect with family members / resolve disputes
23. Say sorry
24. Be grateful daily for small things
25. Give back to others in need
26. Get organized
27. Stop trying to be perfect
28. Stop comparing your life to the highlight reel of others
29. Become aware of your actions
30. Slow down
31. Use your intuition, listen to your gut
32. Stop doubting yourself
32. Drop stories from the past that aren’t supporting you
33. Change up your morning and evening routines
34. Take a trip into the unknown
35. Create a vision board and have fun doing it
36. Sit in silence and connect with your body
37. Invest in yourself and get uncomfortable
38. Pay off your debt
39. Create a bucket list
40. Take responsibility for your actions
41. Stop trying to control people
42. Get the feeling like you already have something in your life and it will come
43. Take opportunities, stop making excuses on why you shouldn’t
44. Add value to others
45. Remember the child you once were and remember those moments, we forget to tap into that.
46. Call your parents
47. Say I love you more (inc yourself)
48. Stop being comfortable, it’s like crack
49. Be a leader
50. Write down 10 things you’ve been putting off, and stop putting them off.
51. Write down your values and goals
52. The thing that keeps on coming up and ‘calling you’ to do you’ve ignored, you’re ignoring your inner voice, stop that shit now.
53. Get healthier & fitter
54. Make quicker decisions
55. Don’t live your life on the expectations of others, it’s your life.
56. Are you living in a nice home, in the wrong location? I was, it’s draining. Your environment is everything.
57. Create a timeline of your life. How much time are you wasting not moving forward on a project?
58. Write down your goals, multiple times per day
59. Never stop growing
60. Love the journey, wherever you are. Nobody has the same journey as you.
61. Speak your truth.
62. Celebrate yourself more
63. Create a list of 20 ‘I am statements’.. eg. ‘I am confident’
64. Don’t beat yourself up for things in the past, let them go.
65. Make new connections
67. When someone is being shitty, kill them with kindness
68. If the drama llama comes out, turn around and walk away
69. Try not to be sceptical, look at the opportunity and be open
70. Agree to something and figure out the details later
71. Shorten decision-making times to minutes not years.
72. Encourage others to do their best
73. Avoid negative Facebook groups, getting sucked into to negative conversations and bad energy.
74. Don’t avoid the unusual, read about it, embrace it and experience what you resist, you’ll be surprised at the outcome.
75. It’s normal as you grow that you will outgrow people. Don’t feel bad about moving on. they can catch up if they want to. Treat them well.
76. Smile at people randomly
77. Increase your commitment level
78. Don’t take rejection to heart, everyone has their own reasons
79. Be persistent, never give up.
80. Embrace challenges as they’re here to make you grow.
81. Be in alignment with a mission bigger than you
82. Learn something from everyone
83. Get rid of things you don’t use
84. Get out of debt and make a commitment to that
85. Own your shit around your destructive behaviour and commit to making changes you know you need to make
86. Stop being jealous of others, just take more action and you won’t need to be jealous because you’ll start getting what you want out of life and stop being bothered about other people
87. Spend time unplugged weekly
88. Stop being cheap
89. Shoot higher
90. Make your life a fun game.
91. Yoga, Pilates, especially if you think it’s weird and for girls
92. Be more present
93. Repeat power statements daily
94. Break your standard routines
95. Stop finding the small things that are wrong and be grateful for what you have learned, achieved and moved forward with.
96. Love
97. Try out new clothes and styles
98. Book a photoshoot
99. Find new challenging skills to learn
100. Imagine how many people you could help feel amazing right now if you shared this post.
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