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5 Wonderful Habits Of Super Successful Female Personal Trainers

Having worked with hundred of trainers, I’ve worked with some of the most passionate, driven, badass female personal trainers out there.

They suit up, claim their power and take more action that most!

Oh, and not to mention, they get results and change more lives than most.

In this post, to celebrate the launch of Wonder week at Fitpreneurs, I’ve put together a list the traits of super successful personal trainers.

1. They Have Strong Beliefs & Own Their Power

Part of being super successful is knowing yourself and owning your power. What i’ve noticed is that the trainers who do the most and help the most people are not afraid to be themselves and shine. Yes we all have challenges and we all have struggles, but when you let go of the past and focus on service, you begin to take massive action.

Wonder Story
Check out Francine’s story of taking her business to $10k+ per month.

2. They Take Control

If you want to be successful in business, you need to grab the bull by the horns, make fast decisions and follow through. The most successful female personal trainers lead, and they lead powerfully. They may encounter set backs, challenges and problems, but they have their eye on the mission and never stop until they reach their goals. They seek the fastest route to their goal and then battle through.

3. They Are Fierce & Confident

It’s very hard to get to where you want to be when you’re lacking in confidence, so momentum builds when confidence builds. Also people want to hire someone who is confident and radiates that energy. Oh and when the fire comes out they channel it positively to help them get to the next level to help change more lives.

4. They Know Their Strengths

Once you know about your super powers you can start to activate them. The most successful female personal trainers who I’ve coached and mentored know what their strength are, they outsource the rest and double down on what they’re best at and love the most. This is critical to building momentum.

Wonder Story
Check out this amazing shift that Julie had and found her strengths in business.

5. They Stop Hiding & Are Mission Focused

When you’re worried about what others think and you hide away because of fear, you get out of alignment. It’s key to recognize this so that you can shift and become the born leader you’re meant to be. How many people are you letting down because you’re focused on yourself, your own BS and not on those who need you.

Most of all, they are great at what they do, they love it and then drives pushing to a whole new level. This is no hobby, it’s a mission that they are 100% committed to, and nothing will stop them.

Are you ready to become one of the highest paid and biggest impact female personal trainers in the country?

I’m now looking for 5 female personal trainers who are ready to start tapping into their strengths and start serving on a much bigger level. This is NOT for those who don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. You will be pushed, challenged and expected to play at the wonder level!

To apply for your Wonder Breakthrough call and join a new badass team of female fitpreneurs, click here.




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