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6 Proven Ways That Time Smart Personal Trainers Work

Almost every day I’m having a conversation with a personal trainer who wants to get more time back in their business.

Overwhelm, not having enough time with the kids, fights with the partner, they’re all the tale tale signs that you’re getting… well, just a little bit burned out.

Maybe you clock goes off super early, you’re up out of bed, throwing down a protein shake, training clients, then you’re training yourself, you get a little break where you catch up with some social media and you’re back at it again.

And you repeat this cycle most days of the week.

Then, when you look at your income, for all of the hours you’re putting in… “just this?”.

I get it and I’ve been there.

But the good news that there is a better way… a smarter way.

Once you start to put the hat of the ‘entrepreneur’ on instead of the trainer who is doing EVERYTHING in the business.

And, truth is, if you want to grow a company, not just do everything on your own, you’ll have to start adopting some of these strategies…

In this post I’m going to share with you 6 proven ways that smart personal trainers work that you can instantly apply right now.

1. Make ‘The List’

First of all, make a list of everything you’re currently doing in your business on the left column of a piece of paper. On the right side, make a list of everything that you could have someone else do for you. Instead of thinking ‘but that will cost me money’ ask yourself this question. “Will it cost me MORE not to outsource it?”.

Time smart personal trainers will get help in their business and focus on their strengths.

2. Create Automated Systems

A business will grow or die based on the systems in its business. For the next 7 days, every evening, note what you did throughout the day, and put a process together for everything that you did. You can then start to pass this off for others to do. It’s amazing what happens when you start to create systems in your business and them optimize those systems to run more efficiently.

3. Use Software

I’m still surprised at the amount of personal trainers who I speak to who aren’t using software to make their life easier. From booking systems, to schedule software, there’s a software for almost everything now. Make a list of everything you do and ask yourself… “could a software save me time here?”. Then start your google search and start using it.

4. Set Time Challenges

Time is a funny one right? If I lined up 20 personal trainers and asked all of them to record a video giving a tip on training, some would take 7 minutes, others would re-record 5 times, some would take an hour and have to overcome lots of fears. The truth about time is that we can all be more efficient in the time we have. So when you have tasks to be done, challenge yourself and GET FOCUSED. You’ll find that you get a lot more done when you set time challenges.

5. Schedule It

Write this down “if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not getting done”. Here’s the truth… even if you add things to your calendar to get completed, you WILL STILL find a way to not get them done. So just imagine if you don’t add things to your calendar! Yep, you’ll most likely never get it done. You MUST MUST schedule all tasks so you know what needs to be completed.

6. Make Semi-Private Personal Training 80-100% of your business

The truth is, most burned out trainers are STILL using the 1-1 model. The fastest way to scale an in person fitness business for MOST trainers is by going supercharged semi-private. This is what gets amazing case studies like this where trainers have SAVED TONS OF TIME. I love helping my clients profit more and cut their hours in half.

Will you need to make some adjustments to your business? Yes. Will you need to overcome fears? Yes.

But the outcome of switching to this model AND pricing correctly can be a $100k+ per year business that then enables you to take time off, have fun with your family and have more freedom do to what you want, when you want.

For details on supercharged semi-private coaching programs to save you TONS of time, go here… and let’s get you on a super fun holiday where you can relax and not worry that you’ll lose all your clients!




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