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This Is Why Most Personal Trainers Will Never Quit Their Full Time Job

Back in 2005 I certified as a personal trainer.

I had reached a really difficult time in my life. I was living back with my parents in Exeter, UK and they loaned me the money to start a new career.

I remember returning back to Exeter from Cyprus where I had spent three months learning about exercise and nutrition and was so excited.

At the tine I decided not to take another job and went all in. But that meant I had to make things work, or I would be looking for a job – that’s not what I wanted. I had recently lost my publishing company, had spent years working on videos games magazines and I was DONE with that industry. It was time to move on…

Fortunately it all paid off and in my first week I picked up 7 new clients at a gym called Fitness First (big box gym).

I put it down to really wanting to help people and just full or energy and drive. But I didn’t really understand at the time the importance of business systems, structure and leverage of time, something I constantly teach my students now. I was doing what everyone else was doing. Selling 1-1 sessions and making money, but I was happy.

Not everyone makes the decision I did go go all in from day one and I totally understand that.

I’ve worked with countless personal trainers who, for some reason or another are working one or multiple jobs ‘on the side’ to have a steady income. You may be the same.

In this post I want to address some of the most common reasons why so many personal trainers never end up quitting their full or part time jobs and fail to enter the industry full time.

The consequence of this much of the time is frustration, low income and a burning desire to ‘get out’. Maybe you find yourself thinking ‘i wish I was in the gym’, but for some reason you’ve not been able to make the leap.

Let’s dive into the truth on what keeps most personal trainers stuck… and how to start living your dreams…

So back when I went through ‘PT training school’, i can imagine that pretty much like you I was taught the typical ‘personal training business model’. Sell 1-1 sessions, charge per hour, make X amount per year.

It’s still taught today.

This creates a big problem when it comes to making a jump from a job to the industry full time because you have a perception in your mind of what it takes to replace your income.

You think it takes X number of clients, paying X amount per hour. Then start the stories “i can’t do that without a big marketing budget”, or “i’ll never be able to do that”, they just keep on coming.

And the more you think these thoughts, the more you start to convince yourself that it’s true.

Here’s the good news…


What they DID NOT teach you is that when you learn to sell yourself properly, and you start selling outcomes / packages, and you leverage your time properly, you would be able to take the leap far quicker because you have a different view on what you are able to sell and for what price. In fact, use these calculators which will help you see what you can really generate, it’s worth playing with your target personal trainer income.

Watch this 9 minute video from Krista all the way through and you will learn what I mean… it’s a MASSIVE insight for those who are caught in the income perception trap.

Video Proof That You Can Quit, You Can Do It Quickly….

The next big one that host most people back is honestly…


which stands for…





Chances are you may have some thoughts like this when you think about leaving your job(s).

“I won’t make enough money to pay my bills”

“I will lose everything”

“What if I fail”

“What if nobody hires me”

And all of the time you are thinking these, they shut your body down, send you into procrastination and it little by little takes a little dig at your confidence and self belief.

And just when you DO find some courage and motivation, you speak to a friend or family member and based on their view of the world, shoot your dreams down. You may believe what they say. Another three months passes and you’re still frustrated.

You not only deal with your own fears, you adopt the fears of other people. And all the time you’re living in fear, you’re not in alignment with what you are being called to do.


The majority of the thoughts we have are not real.

Ask yourself. What is actually true about my thoughts? Is any of it real, or am i believing it to be real.

The next big one is CONFIDENCE in BUSINESS.

Most likely at your training school you were not taught business on a level that gave you enough confidence to quit, or you would already have quit.

When confidence is high, it allows you to make more powerful life decisions.

So let’s say right now if you were 100% confident and certain of generating leads, closing $1,000+ packages to new clients, would you hesitate on quitting your job?

However, you really MUST define EXACTLY what it would take you to quit your job(s).

For example, if you’re generating $3,000 right now… would it take three months on $3,000 in your fitness business to quit.

Until you define that, you don’t have a goal to shoot for.

There needs to be a very clear commitment from you.


Honestly, for many people, taking the ‘big jump’ and quitting or ‘burning the boats’ is just far too difficult even with reframing their thoughts and beliefs.

But what you can do, and what feels more effortless is to reach what we call the ‘tipping  point’. This is where you build up your income up to the point where you desire to quit instead of being forced over the edge.

This is great because even though there is fear, you’re being pulled towards quitting.

Moving Forward Powerfully…. 

With so many trainers caught in this trap I’ve put together a special ‘CONFIDENCE TO QUIT‘ training that explains this process for you. It’s completely free and will take you 35 minutes to watch (nothing for sale on the training).

I produced this because of the massive amount of trainers that want to quit, but just don’t know how. This will help you get clarity. This training is super specific to those who want to quit either their full time or multiple part time jobs. Just go here and you can get access to the training…

I hope you enjoyed this post and please do share it with someone you know who should be doing what they love ALL of the time not just a little bit of the time.




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