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The Ideal Client

Fitpreneurs isn’t like any other coaching / mentorship program. In fact, if you’ve been through another coaching / mentorship program you will find this very different, especially in terms of how we work and get results.

First of all, Fitpreneurs is a business AND self development program. Why?

In order to create true transformation, you need the sales and marketing skills, but you must also have a rock solid mindset. 

What gets you to $5k per month is not what gets you to $10k per month or $50k per month and beyond.

The growth in your business will come down to how much you’re willing to grow yourself as a leader. You are a leader after all.

In addition, what generates results is information, accountability and consequences. But you also have to be 100% committed as Fitpreneurs is an ELITE program. It’s not for dabblers. We are dedicated to shifting you to become the top 3% in the industry.

Of course, we’ll help you grow your income and profit, but this is so that you can change more lives and get to be a next level trainer that is constantly succeeding, pushing and developing in all areas of your life.

This means that our coaching programs are UNCOMFORTABLE. Be prepared for this.

I decided to put together this page and explain an IDEAL client of The Fitpreneurs. If this profile happens to match you, there’s a HIGH chance that we can rapidly speed up your success in a short period of time, if you’re willing to play full out.

This page will be the opening to you becoming HUGELY successful in your fitness business just like some of the clients featured here.

This is where we do our best work. If you do not fit this exact profile, don’t worry you can still apply for your free accelerator call.

Can You Say ‘YES’ to each of these?

We have studied and have data on what it takes to be super successful, and these are the common traits of the most successful clients who have generated amazing results in a short period of time. They are the elite.

  • You must be willing to include semi-private (group PT) into your business model at some point. We can’t help scale your business if you want to do 1-1 PT.
  • You must have client results already 
  • You must be wiling to produce regular video content 
  • You must be willing to master marketing & sales 
  • You must be willing to implement systems
  • You must be willing to get off your computer 
  • You must be willing to take time off to avoid burnout
  • You must Must be willing to meditate and practice self care 
  • You must be willing to show up to group and 1-1 coaching calls
  • You must be willing to hire team members when the time is right 
  • You must be willing to fill out weekly accountability form 
  • You must be willing to take responsibility 
  • You must be computer literate and learn new technology 
  • You must be willing to learn and deepen copywriting skills 
  • You must be willing to talk to people and attend social events 
  • You must be willing to make quick decisions and be decisive 
  • You must have a great attitude 
  • You must be willing to invest in yourself

If you said ‘yes, that is me’… Go to the next step by clicking here and filling in the application form.


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