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5 Simple Steps To Turn A Facebook PM Message Into A Client

If there’s one super fast way to lose business it’s not handling incoming leads properly and Facebook chat can be a very lucrative way to generate lots of business but only if you do it properly.

In fact, just by making a couple of small tweaks you can significantly boost your chances of making a sale.

One common mistake I see a lot of personal trainers making, when it comes to inbound messages either to their personal or business pages, is how they handle the messaging.

A typical conversation may go like this….

Prospect: Hi there, I was just wondering what the cost of your services is.

Trainer: Hey, thanks so much for reaching out. I charge $40 per session or you can buy a block of 10 at $x.


The problem with this approach is that there has been zero value built and the prospect at this point only has the price to make as their deciding factor on whether or not to hire you.

They MAY hire you; if the desire is very high, but this type of question means that the person is shopping on price, so you cannot go back to them with a price answer if they are shopping on price. You must alter the way they are thinking if there’s any chance of closing them.

Here’s What To Do Instead…

You want to go back to them and COMPLETELY IGNORE the financial question in the first instance. This also applies to other types of enquiries too, not just the price question.

Then you want to go back and forth with the prospect AT LEAST 3 times finding out about their current situation and find some level of pain that they are in and get them EXCITED about the possibility of that pain going away.

What this does is shifts the focus away from the topic and then allows you to properly find out even if you want to work with this person.

By simply agreeing to give them a price also indicates to them that you will take on any new client and doesn’t position you very well. You’re must better of qualifying someone to make sure that you know that you want to work for them and so they know you’re in demand (which you very well may be).

Then, once you’ve gained some insight into their challenge and where they are looking to get to in their life, then you can take them to phase 2 which will be for a meeting either in person or on the phone. Then you can close them into an outcome based package for at least $1k as we teach in the Fitpreneurs Fitpro Mastery coaching program and then scale the business quickly from there.

A conversation might go something like this…

Prospect: Hi there, I was just wondering what the cost of your services is.

Trainer: Hey, thanks so much for reaching out, can I ask you a little bit about yourself, what you’ve been trying so far and what your goal is for the next 90 days.

Prospect: Well, I’ve been working out on my own for the past year or so but nothing seems to be working. I really want to lose weight and get fit, so been looking at hiring a trainer and came across you on facebook.


Trainer: Thanks for that info. Why is it you want to lose the weight?

Prospect: Well, I’ve got this wedding coming up and I really want to get in shape for that.

Trainer: How do you feel about your body right now?

Prospect: Not great, it’s actually pretty depressing.

Trainer: When do you feel most depressed?

Prospect: When I look in the mirror.

Trainer: How does that make you feel?

Prospect: HORRIBLE!


This process helps to move the focus OFF price and onto the  problem. If the prospect persists around the price question, then you can ask them if price is the only factor that they value in changing their life and if they persist again you can let them know that in order to tell them, they would need to come for an assessment session as you DO NOT SELL SESSIONS YOU SELL RESULTS!

If they persist again you COULD give a cost between X and Z but still try and get them booked in for a session.

Those that HIGHLY persist around the price are NOT IDEAL CLIENTS.

Hope this helps!




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